Our Terms and Conditions

The Locum Contract agreement

The following terms constitutes a legally binding contract between you (the locum) and us (Pharm-Assist at Unit 9 The Meadows Business Centre, 21 Bondgate, Selby YO8 3LX) for the whole period of your registration with us regardless whether bookings are taken or not by you.

The terms are accepted by you upon the submission of your registration, and on any accepted booking.

No variation of these terms will be valid unless approved in writing to you by Pharm-Assist.

This contract can be terminated by you or us in writing at any time.

Part One: Locum’s obligations:

  1. You must be permitted to work in the UK and have provided evidence of this upon your first registration with Pharm-Assist.
  2. For locum pharmacists and technicians, you must be registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) and practice in accordance with the GPhC Code of Ethics.
  3. You must recognise you are self-employed and responsible for the payment of own tax and national insurance payments within the guidelines of Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs.
  4. You must hold a current and valid Indemnity Insurance and agree to submit a copy to Pharm-Assist annually.
  5. You have the required skill and qualification of the pharmacy role and seek continual improvement following the CPPE programme of learning. Locums must act professionally during any undertaken bookings, adhere to shift attendance times, to work in accordance with client SOPS and abide to store Health & Safety requirements.
  6. Locums must act professionally during any undertaken bookings, adhere to shift attendance times, work in accordance with client SOPS and abide to store Health & Safety requirements.
  7. Must declare to Pharm-Assist any change in your circumstances which may affect your work.
  8. You consent to the processing of your personal data for the purpose of booking locum work and it’s procedures as detailed in Pharm-Assist Privacy Policy.

Part Two: Bookings:

  1. You understand you are liable for any loss, damage or injury to any party resulting from negligent act or omission by you during a booking.
  2. You are not obliged to accept any bookings offered to you by Pharm-Assist, but any offers including client details and rates must be kept confidential between us.
  3. Once a placement has been accepted, it is a legally binding commitment to work.
  4. If you are unable to attend the booking, then you agree to give Pharm-Assist as much notice as possible, with an alternative locum that would have to be registered with Pharm-Assist and be fully validated.
  5. You understand that there may be occasions where suitable work is not available.
  6. Once a booking has been verbally accepted, Pharm-Assist will supply you written details including, the date & shift time, the identity of the Client, the hourly rate & travel rate agreed and any other relevant information. Any changes, issues or clarification must be raised prior to the booking date.
  7. Pharm-Assist does not set hourly rates, but will negotiate all rates on your behalf where possible.
  8. Locums are advised to arrive at the booking at least ten minutes before the start of the shift. This is so locums can meet the dispensary team, read the Client’s SOP’s and familiarise themselves with the store’s health & safety policy which you must abide by.
  9. If you are a Pharmacist, you must display your Responsible Pharmacist certificate at all times.
  10. You will be paid by the Client and not Pharm-Assist. Pharm-Assist will give you full support with any payment issues.
  11. If before the first agreed booking, during the booked period, or after within a period of 6 months, the Client wishes to employ you, then you understand that Pharm-Assist is entitled to charge the client a fee. You agree to inform Pharm-Assist of this along with giving the store identity name or store number of which is employing you.
  12. The Client may cancel your confirmed booking and Pharm-Assist does not accept any responsibility, or liability for any financial loss. Pharm-Assist will actively seek to find you alternative work but cannot guarantee this.
  13. Any direct bookings must be declared to Pharm-Assist.

Part Three: Confidentiality:

  1. All bookings offered and undertaken and any communication from Pharm-Assist is confidential information and must not be disclosed, or shared with any third party. This is to protect our business operation, and Client trade secrets.

Part Four: Termination of this contract:

  1. This contract can be terminated by the locum in writing at any time. Although you must still inform Pharm-Assist of work taken directly with a Client of Pharm-Assist where the locum has worked during the time registered with Pharm-Assist of up to 6 months from termination date.
  2. Once a termination has been received in writing, Pharm-Assist will destroy all personal data collected as per our Privacy Policy.

Part Six: Law

  1. These terms are governed by the law of England & Wales and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England & wales.

Part Five: Signed Agreement of above terms & conditions.


Signed by Locum:

I understand agree to abide by the terms & conditions set out in this agreement.




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